How To Extend The Life Of A Roof Of Your Business In 2021

22July 2020

You have enough to worry about keeping your commercial business running that the last thing you need to do is bear the cost of putting a new roof on your place of business. Roofing can be expensive and that heavy cost can hit your bottom line if you’re not prepared for it.

While every roof will eventually need to be replaced due to age and wear, there are some steps you can take to prolong the need for a complete re-roofing as long as you adopt these practices early, this is how to extend the life of a roof.

Preventative maintenance is key to extending your business’ roof. Once you notice water stains and leaks, it’s often too late so it is wise to begin a regular maintenance routine that might avoid the damage in the first place. Begin with clearing the gutters regularly.

Debris piles up in corners and downspouts and the water can back up and pool in sensitive areas that will eventually succumb to damage and cause a leak. If the rain is swiftly directed downward, into the gutters and down to the ground, you avoid prolonged exposure and could avoid damage. Pooling water is a major source of weakening roofs.

On commercial properties with flat roofs, be sure to check the drains. It is common to find drains in the middle of large flat-roof buildings. You can’t see them from the ground, get up there and walk around, check for leaves and other debris that may be clogging the drain and keeping the rainwater from properly dispersing off of your roof.

Remove any possible obstruction or roof membrane irritation such as low hanging branches that could brush against the roof in high winds. Regular preventive maintenance will go a long way toward extending the life of a roof.

However, you’re just a business owner, not a roofing expert. Regular preventive maintenance can only go so far toward protecting your roof from damage. Another key component in how to extend the life of a roof is to have occasional professional inspections.

Calling in a professional company to inspect your roof may seem to be a waste of money when you don’t currently have a leak, but these roofing specialists can catch problems early, suggest fixes and repairs that will eliminate damage or severely reduce it over time. The cost of an inspection every few years is nothing when compared to the catastrophic roof failure.

The minor cracks in sealants, damage to flashing, patching of small holes… these are small regular repairs of minimal cost that could save the monumental cost of a larger problem down the line. And when it does come time for a new roof, regular inspections can give you a head’s up that it is coming soon, so you can budget for it. The inspector will notice signs in an aging roof such as deteriorated tiles, sagging eaves, and other tell tale signs long before a layman will recognize them.

With regular maintenance and occasional inspection, you can extend the life of your roof and keep apprised of the state of the roof protecting your business from the elements.

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