Legitimate Roofers in Jacksonville: What to Look For

16September 2018

Finding a Top-Notch Roofer

It takes many years of experience to become a skillful roofer. It is a craft that requires knowledge on various types of roofs, materials, and tools used to build and repair them.

Investing in a top-notch roofer is crucial in guaranteeing the longevity and strength of your home’s roof. This saves you both money and time.

Unfortunately, there are many unqualified “fake roofers” out there that scam consumers. Here are some ways you can protect your home and money while guaranteeing the safety of your roof.

Roofer Certifications and Insurance

All top-quality roofing companies are certified. By obtaining a roofing contractor license, roofers possess the training and education to provide all kinds of roofing-related services. A qualified roofing company will not hesitate to show you their qualifications, licenses, and certifications. Whether they show you upon an initial consultation, or you ask to see them, a top-notch roofing company will be able to display them, as it benefits their business and reputation.

Along with roofing licenses, top-notch roofing companies have both liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

Get More Than One Quote

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your roof, getting many quotes from many companies can help you find a top-quality roofer. When you take into account the input they give you, as well as their prices, you’re able to narrow down which roofer will be the best for your needs.

For example, a roofer that charges an extremely high price with very little input compared to a roofer that gives you a large amount of input for a reasonable price. While a low-cost roof repair might seem like a good idea, many scammers lure victims with the idea that they will provide high-quality services for a low price. Do not settle for the quote with an unreasonably low price.  


Thanks to the internet, clients are able to share their experiences with businesses. It is highly recommended to read reviews on the internet before contacting the company you’re interested in. Websites like Thumbtack, Yelp, and Angie’s List allow clients to publicly post their roofing reviews.

Public reviews also display how many people the roofing company has worked with. A company with many positive reviews and clients shows that they’re likely a qualified and high quality company to work with. Many roofing companies also display their customer testimonials on their website or social media outlets, so it doesn’t hurt to explore those as well.

Family, Friends, and Community

Talk of the town is a long-time, but effective way to hear about roofers and roofing companies. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, or community about top-notch roofing companies and their experiences with them. They may be able to provide suggestions on who they contacted for their roof work, as well as roof companies to avoid.

Additionally, communities on social media like “Swip-Swap” groups (ex. “Swip-Swap Everything Jacksonville, FL” on Facebook) work well as public forums to discuss roofing companies in your area.

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