When Should I Get a New Roof in Jacksonville?

18September 2018

When Should I Replace My Roof?

With how expensive it can be, roof replacement is an understandably stressful process. It is a costly investment that improves the look of your home while protecting those inside it. However, replacing your roof can be exciting. It assists your home in being more energy efficient and improves its value as well.

Many people are unsure whether their roof is ready to be replaced. If you are interested in replacing your roof, ask yourself the following questions:

Is My Roof Old?

The average shingle roof lasts around 20 to 25 years. Additionally, unless it is a remodeled home, many homeowners move into a home with a roof in need of a roof replacement. It’s best to replace your roof before any future problems come up. These issues can worsen over time and become extremely costly.

Can I See Shingles Curling?

If you take a good look at your roof, you may see the sides or under area of your shingles curling up. Shingles bend when they are exposed to sunlight over time, and this affects their longevity. This is a sign that your roof should be replaced, as the shingles are aged and weathered down.

Can I See Light Shining Through My Attic?

This is a particularly important thing to keep in mind. If you inspect your attic, you might find that sunlight is shining through your roof. This is due to deteriorating or weakening roofing boards that are not supporting your roof like they used to. Additionally, if your attic is extremely humid or hot, it might not be receiving proper ventilation. If you find either of these in your attic, it is safe to say it is in need of a roof replacement.

Are There Granules in My Gutters?

Improving your roof’s longevity and quality includes cleaning out your gutters. If you find granules, or bits of protective minerals from asphalt roof singles it is a clear sign of old shingles and should be further inspected. This deterioration is a sign that you are in need of a roof replacement.

Are Homes Around Me Replacing Their Roofs?

Many neighborhood homes are built around the same time. This means that your neighbor’s roof might be in need of a roof replacement, and if they’re replacing their roofs, it’s important for you to look into it as well.

Is My Roof Damaged?

As a Florida-based roofing company, we know how dangerous storms can be. High winds, intense storms, and hurricanes can damage your home, while affecting the outside of your home first. It’s normal for strong winds to remove shingles off your roof, but some storms are significantly more damaging.

If you’re considering replacing or repairing your roof, feel free to contact our top-notch roofers in Jacksonville. Our contractors are excited to work alongside you, offering financing and free quotes to our clients. Call us today for an exceptional, new roof from our top-quality contractors!

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