6 Reasons You Need a Professional Metal Roofer in Jacksonville

15September 2018

Living in Florida offers its own specific challenges when it comes to roofing. Installing a roof is a serious consideration and investment in any locale, but especially in Florida. Our state, if not just the city of Jacksonville, experiences not only frost and heat waves but hail and hurricanes.  There are many do it yourselfers or unlicensed contractors who believe they have the ability to install their own roofs, however, when dealing with metal roof installation, it is HIGHLY advisable that you turn to the professionals. There are multiple advantages to hiring a professional to install a metal roof. Here are some of those major benefits:

Safety is a Paramount Priority

One of the most prevalent accidents involved with repairing a roof is falling. Roof repairs can be dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with the work. Most of the time, a roof isn’t a flat surface  and even if it were, you’re operating at a considerable distance from the ground while operating machinery and lifting heavy objects. Not a comfortable situation. Under these circumstances, there is entirely too much risk of accident and injury, even when using a harness or other protective equipment that might or might not be on hand. Professional roofers have not only the expertise to get the job done, but the ability to take the proper safety precautions and will be well versed in those methods. Professional roofers will also have the most up to date and proper tools to ensure their safety.  Professional roofers are required to meet certain specifications in order to be licensed. Safety knowledge and possession of current safety equipment is among these requirements.

A Quality Guarantee for the Worksmanship

Unlike a do it yourself job, when working with a professional roofer, the quality of the job can be guaranteed. Not only that, warranties on the work may be offered. The majority of professional roofers will not only offer a warranty on their work but also the materials used to complete the job. Guarantees provides a peace of mind that would not otherwise be available if not using a professional roofer. Additionally, these product manufacturers offer warranty programs that are only available when installed properly and to specific specifications that a professional roofer will be well equipped both in knowledge and materials to execute. Hiring an unprofessional roofer will likely lead to an individual who will be unaware of these regulations and will increase the risk of damage and improper installation. This will lead to noncompliance of these specifications and a voided materials guarantee. As a continued reassurance, if there does end up being an issue with the construction of the roof or any damages to the property, the company will offer an inspection of the roof and/or property, and the problem will be remedied without additional cost to the home owner. This can significantly reduce the potential cost for the roof repair or replacement. If using a nonprofessional roofer, that guarantee doesn’t exist and the homeowner will be responsible for any further issues or damages. A further consideration or concern, if using an unlicensed roofer, is that not only might the quality leave much to be desired, but the roofing materials acquired may be inappropriate for your roof. Professional roofers will be able to determine the proper materials, and amount of materials, needed for each customized roofing job and problem.

Time is Money

A professional roofer will have the experience and skill set to complete your job in an efficient manner, leading to less time spent completing the job. Time spent is further increased if using a nonprofessional roofer when mistakes are made. Mistakes lead to more time lost due to having to stop and go back to fix a job. Hiring a professional leads to expertise that leads to getting it executed correctly the first time. This further leads to less time wasted in the long run. A professional roofer will finish the job with time to spare compared to the average homeowner.

That Bottom Line Cost

Inexperience can be extremely costly in this respect. Factoring in purchasing the tools to properly complete the job, the safety equipment necessary to ensure the well being of the individuals completing the repairs, and then the materials required to repair… the cost adds up quickly and significantly. When using a nonprofessional roofer, there is also the cost of mistakes involved. This includes wasted materials due to inaccurate measuring and cutting, damaged tools, and additional damaged property. When using a professional roofer, this cost is drastically reduced. A professional roofer’s experience leads to efficiency, which results in less mistakes and sunk costs. An error on your roof could cost you significantly more to correct than the sum of money you were attempting to save by doing it yourself or by hiring an unlicensed and unprofessional roofer. For example, if an unprofessional roofer failed to notice damage such as deterioration in the home (this can include various factors such as water damage, rot, mold, etc) and the further repair is not completed, it will lead to needing additional serious repairs after only a short period of time. It may seem initially like by not hiring a professional contractor, you are saving money, but unfortunately the long-term costs of a poorly installed roof are almost guaranteed to surface farther down the road in the form of repairs and water damage, or worse, in a roof that needs to be replaced significantly and unexpectedly sooner than expected. As an additional benefit, professional roofers usually have an ability to acquire high quality materials for less than the average homeowner or unlicensed roofer. These materials from professional installation results in services and repairs that last for a longer period of time, which saves you money in the long run.

Skills and Expertise for Peace of Mind

Professional roofers spend countless hours on their craft before ever approaching a customer’s roof. When dealing with professional roofers, they are more likely than the average unlicensed person to identify the problems and perhaps even notice issues that the homeowner is not even aware of. As an added bonus, they may be able to identify problems that save you further time and money by fixing them before they become an issue. As mentioned before, roofs are rarely a flat surface. Dealing with a professional roofer means that you are putting the valleys, peaks, chimney and other roof features in the hands of a professional. These areas involve extra attention and cutting to match up perfectly. This leads to proper installation, repair, and lined up aesthetics the first time.  An additional consideration in a professional roofer in this matter is the materials. A regular asphalt roof with shingles is less involved than a metal roof. Metal roofs require additional attention to detail and craftsmanship that, if done improperly, is difficult to correct. A professional contractor will be able to identify what needs to be done.

Licensing and Insurance for a Better Experience

An additional cost for the do it yourself fan or unlicensed professional is your homeowner’s insurance premiums increasing, should an injury occur or further damage made to the home, if the homeowner’s insurance would cover it at all. Hiring a professional roofer means hiring a company with licensing and insurance for additional peace of mind. This leads to less fear of on site accidents. A licensed and insured contractor takes the responsibility off the homeowner’s shoulders. Their insurance will not only cover injuries, but damage to the homeowner’s personal property. Furthermore, those accidents are less likely to occur with a professional roofer. In order to be licensed, there are requirements that must be met. These include background checks and skill tests. Meaning that dealing with a licensed roofing professional means additional efficiency and a better quality job overall for the homeowner.

Take Away Points

Roof repair and installation is something the average homeowner should never attempt. It requires expertise, skills, means and know how in order to not only do the job, but do the job right the first time. This saves time, money, materials and stress. While it may seem cost efficient to do it yourself or to hire an unlicensed or unprofessional roofer, the value of turning to a licensed professional roofer far exceeds the small cost increase. Professional roofers are experts in their field and will provide a better product than the converse. Additionally, these professionals are more well equipped to handle problems as they arise and will result in a better quality and guaranteed product. The value of turning to a professional is also seen in the safety aspect. The risk to the homeowner’s or unlicensed and uninsured contractor personal safety should never be compromised. Should an accident occur, the cost involved could be more than what it would have cost to hire the professional to begin with.  All these considerations can lead to the understanding that hiring a professional for your metal roof repair is essential to a proper job.

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